Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Plant Trees Too Close to Your O’Fallon, IL Home

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When you own your own O’Fallon, IL home, many people want to make sure that not only does the inside of the house look nice, but the outside of the home as well. This is why many people will choose to plant shrubs, plants, and trees so that it brings life to the outside of your home. Having landscaping done to your house provides not only a beautiful but also a relaxing environment for your area. However, if you do happen to put the wrong thing in the wrong place, you may find yourself with a problem more than a piece of your own paradise. There are many benefits to having vegetation in your home, but putting them too close to your home can be a problem. If you are wanting to know the reasons why, and the best places to plant these said trees, continue reading on!

Having to Build Up

Living in the Midwest means that you are very familiar when it comes to storms in the spring or summertime. high winds and pouring rain can lead to a lot more than you think. These moments in the weather can lead to the yard being covered in leaves, twigs, and even bigger branches, depending on the size of the storm. When these trees are planted too close to your home, you may eventually experience huge amounts of said twigs and leaves on your roof and gutters, which will cause roof and siding damage.

The Trees Roots Can Be Spreading

When you have finally decided on your choice of trees to have, take the time to research how big they truly are, and how big they will get over time as the roots will grow. In general, trees will grow between one to three times the width of their canopy, and even in some cases, trees can develop roots that are twice as wide as the tree is high. With that being said, it is always good to make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Planting a bigger tree than you think is too close to your home can cause huge problems and pain to yourself. It may look pretty when you buy7 it, but that just means you will have painstaking care of it the rest of the time you are at home.

Damage From Fallen Branches

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Having a mature tree that is too close to your home carries a number of hazardous outcomes. Wind, snow, or ice can send large branches through a window or even onto your roof. If there is ever a huge storm, this could mean a problem. You would not want your tree to topple over and fall onto your home during one of these storms. Some trees are also prone to weak wood, which attracts insects and increases any chances of becoming ill or dying. This also leaves you with a bigger risk of it falling.

If you have any questions about where to plant your trees give our team at Merritt’s Tree Service a call today!