Tree Pruning Basics for Residents of Belleville, IL

Here in Belleville, IL we are blessed to live in an area that has an abundance of healthy trees. This however means that residents need to learn how to properly care for these trees. This is where pruning comes in. Pruning is an important process, and we will be discussing the basics of how to properly prune your trees.

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Why You Should Prune Your Trees

Trees need to be properly pruned for a variety of reasons. This includes When the tree has grown too high, which could affect nearby power lines. It also can include when trees have crowns inward, and the crown of the tree has become crowded. Another reason could be if the growth has been stunted, as this can help the tree have a second chance at life. A simple reason why you should prune your trees is to alter their shape. This can be as simple as cutting branches so that you are able to park your car or walk to your front door without having to duck. Whichever you choose the process and results are the same: pruning for human convenience. Some trees can also be pruned for an ornamental effect.

Myths and Misunderstandings Surrounding Pruning

 Many people in the Belleville, IL area think that you can only prune a tree when it is dormant. This is not strictly true. An example would be Evergreen Trees. These trees can be pruned in summer, besides in late dormancy.  A summer prune is helpful for evergreens that are trimmed as hedges. For some deciduous trees, you should prune them in spring or summer. You can prune a tree when it is covered in leaves, however, make sure to not cut more than one-third of the branches at one time.  Pruning can actually stimulate growth, which in turn can benefit the tree.

seasonal pruning belleville il

Another rule of thumb is that you should prune trees that flower in the spring after the flowers fade. When you remove the branches that recently bloomed, can limit your fruit yield and this can be beneficial. This becomes beneficial because a tree that produces less fruit can produce superior fruit. When you prune the tree you are causing a wound to occur. This is why it is recommended that you give your tree as few pruning wounds as possible. If it is over pruned it can become more vulnerable to diseases.

If you have any questions about the pruning process or want professional advice, give our team at Merritt’s Tree Service a call today!

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