Caring for Your Lawn’s Vegetation in the Winter Months

Winter in O’Fallon, IL is a harsh time of the year for any type of vegetation & wildlife. The cold days, turned into even colder nights, snow and ice, and other parts of nature that prevent any type of growth are a danger to any greenery outside of your home. However, while you and your family are snuggled up at home and waiting for those much-needed warmer months, there is a way to make sure your vegetation is also being well taken care of. If you are interested to know ways to care for your greenery, continue reading on for helpful tips from our experts at Merritt’s Tree Service.

winter tree damage o'fallon il

Knowing What Winter Injury is & How It Affects Your Vegetation

When it comes to winter injury it is known to be a type of vegetation damage that is associated with the winter season. This type of damage is done to plants and trees. Types of winter injury can be known as root or stem damage, winter browning, frost cracks, and even death of a certain plant. Injury that is due to low temperatures can occur during these extreme weather conditions.

Different Signs of Tree Injury

One of the first steps to knowing winter injury to certain trees is to look for any large brown patches on leaves that may have already started to grow. If you want to know how to control this after it occurs, prune back damaged tissue in the springtime to then minimize the long-term issues as these seasons go into other seasons. To prevent any winter injury in the future, it is also recommended that you plant native species that are used to these winter conditions. For example, you wouldn’t see palm trees in the middle of southern Illinois. Be sure to know what types of trees work best for the areas that you are wanting to live in

In Conclusion

damaged trees winter season o'fallon il

When it comes to winter damage to your trees, we want you to be prepared as possible. Winter damage can be a harsh thing to happen to your lawn and we want you as a homeowner to feel as prepared as possible. When it comes to owning property, taking care of your vegetation is a very important step. If you are wanting to know any more about tree growth, or how to prevent winter tree injury, give our team at Merritt’s Tree Service a call today. We are happy to help in any way that we can!