What to Do After a Storm Hits and Leaves Tree Damage in O’Fallon IL

Post Storm Tips and Tree Damage 101 in O’Fallon IL

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Spring and Summer are officially here, which means longer nights, warmer weather, and tons of rain showers. These storms can range from light to extreme. If one of these hazardous storms has made its way through your area, it can be havoc, power outages, and even damage your home or greenery. After a storm has hit, you should take steps to clear the damage and take care of the following problems. However, it is always advised to be as cautious as possible since you could cause more damage. No matter how much damage has been done, however, it can seem overwhelming. If you face storm damage, here are the steps you need to take to take care of the problems safely.

Check for Any Hazards Before You Start Any Tree Removal

When it comes to damaged trees, you could be dealing with a lot more than just the tree itself. These particular storms can get tangled in electrical wires during these individual storms as they fall. If you see any of these wires around the tree, do not go near it! They could be highly hazardous. If you do see any electrical cables that are wrapped around your trees, call an expert to take care of the problem right away. They will have the tools and resources to make sure that the job is completed to the best of their ability.

Assessing the Damage

To a sturdy tree, the damage that you find could be minor. However, this could mean that branches may fall off. To help you clean the area, talk to our specialist to decide which trees you can save and which ones you can remove. Depending on the age, location, or even sentimental value. Then, you can decide on what trees you should remove or clean up. When dealing with a storm, trees with more than 50% of the crown intact can be saved, or trees can still have value after being repaired. Trees that you should remove, however, are those that are diseased, with a split in the trunk, or tipped by the storm.

Hire A Tree Removal Company to Handle the Cleanup

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After a more significant storm, most families will try and clean the mess themselves, or neighbors could try and possibly help as well. With not having a professional to help, simple jobs may turn into more significant problems. Professionals should do more extensive tree repair or cleanup to ensure that the job is done correctly. That doesn’t go for small debris that has fallen; twigs like that could be easily handled without a professional.

Preventing Future Tree Damage

There are many ways that you can reduce the risk of damage from future storms by simply planning. Getting help from specialists can be the best way to protect against possible storms, especially since this is a typical storm season. You will want to make sure to prune early and adequately. Do not cut your branches back to stubs; however, trimming dead or weakened limbs, especially when a tree is young, can help tremendously. You can encourage proper branch angles as well. Spacing out the branches so that they don’t grow too close to one another is very helpful. You can also avoid trees that can commonly cause damage in storms, such as cottonwood, silver maple, or Bradford pears.

If you have experienced storm damage, please take panicking off your list of steps to take. Here at Meritt’s Tree Service, we are here just for you!