Tree Trimming Vs. Tree Topping in Belleville Illinois

Why Trimming is Better Than Tree Topping

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Have you ever wanted to cut down a tree, or perhaps a few branches for any reason? Are you not sure how to safely remove the branches without causing harm to yourself or the tree? Here are some important reasons why you should consider tree trimming over tree topping.

Tree Topping

Tree topping, better known as cutting the top of adult trees into stubs. Topping is a dangerous way to break down a tree and can cause lots of safety issues. Many people believe that topping is an easy alternative to reduce the size of a tree that is either too big or dangerous. Other reasons may be that it’s too close to electrical wires, or early prevention of storm damage. The truth is that topping actually increases the risk of danger.

Reasons You Should Avoid Topping

There are multiple reasons why you should avoid topping your trees at all costs. You could cause the tree to starve because you are cutting off its food-making ability. You can put the tree under stress, cause it sunburn (as you remove the leaves that protect it), create weak limbs, cause disease, and even attract insects. A topped tree also resembles a sick tree and does not appear beautiful in its natural form.

Tree Trimming

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There is good news! Besides tree topping, you can instead choose to trim. Tree trimming is pretty self-explanatory. Trimming focuses only on removing certain branches from the tree that are needed. This in the long run benefits the tree and still allows the tree to look natural. This is most commonly used for trees that are experiencing diseases, infestations, or issues that stop them from healthy growth.

The benefits that follow with tree trimming will ensure that you chose the right choice to help your trees. They are seen as healthier, have less risk from storms (as we remove risky branches), have cheaper costs, more sun exposure, and increased property value. One of the best parts is that trimming trees also you to have early detection of other tree issues. This is important because the earlier that they are detected, the better the outcome for you and your trees.

If you have any other questions regarding tree topping or trimming don’t hesitate to call Merritt’s Tree Service in Belleville, Illinois at (618) 332-9661. We can answer all your questions and help you with all your tree needs.

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