How to Treat Damaged Trees in Your Troy, Illinois Yard

If you are a business or homeowner in Troy, Illinois and your property has trees, discussing tree damage can be a difficult talk to have. As the property owner, you have most likely invested a ton of money and time into making sure your property looks perfect. If your trees become damaged, this could put a damper on your perfect property.

When trying to find any issues with your trees, the first step of checking out the tree is vital. If your trees have already been damaged, make sure you contact one of our technicians to help diagnose any issues your tree may have.

Type of Tree Damage That Can Occur

damaged trees troy il

Different parts of a tree can become damaged and negatively impact the health of the tree. Some different types of damage to watch out for include:

  • Damaged tree roots- This type of damage is common in construction zones. If it goes unrepaired, the tree’s lifespan will start to decline drastically.
  • Trunk wounds- Superficial damage and holes can cause damage that affects trees for long periods of time. This type should be overseen.
  • Damaged tree bark- Man-made accidents, including a vehicle impacting with a tree or even a lightning strike during a storm, can cause damage to the tree bark. This damage is serious as the bark is a barrier that protects against disease and pests.
  • Tree branches or limbs damaged or broken- Severe wind, lighting, and hail can all damage tree limbs. Another source of breakage can be working around powerlines. These types of damages may lead to tree removal if it is a major issue.

Damage From Construction Equipment

It is a trend for commercial sites and homes to move into natural areas for the environmental value and aesthetics of the wooded area.  Research done by the International Society of Arboriculture mentions that properties that are wooded are 20% higher in value compared to non-wooded ones.

During the construction process, building homes and businesses can cause serious damage to the surrounding trees. Trenching and digging processes can cause severe damage to tree roots, the crown, and even the trunk of the trees. This is deadly for the tree, but it also affects the soil. Bad soil can drain the life out of these trees even faster.

For more information or questions about tree damage, check out Merritt’s Tree Service website online, or give us a call for a FREE estimate today!

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