How will pruning help the trees at my Cahokia, IL, home?

Here’s what you need to know about tree pruning

Have you noticed trees growing out of control? Are they hanging over property lines or causing a threat to your home? It’s time you called a local professional for tree pruning services that will keep your trees in control and growing strong for years to come! Pruning involves trimming and cutting away overgrown, infected, dead or broken branches, limbs, and stems from trees at your Cahokia, IL, home. It’s best to call a professional that has access to professional training, equipment, and a team that assists with the service!

When is the best time to prune?

Light or heavy pruning can be done during certain times of the year. With spring in full bloom and summer setting in, it may be a good time to start pruning your trees. Dormant pruning can also be done during the winter seasons.

Certain trees should be pruned right before spring and others during the summer to fall seasons. However, pruning too early can weaken some types of trees.

How pruning helps your trees

tree removal and trimming cahokia il

Pruning throughout the year keeps your trees and plants healthy and blooming. These are some of the most important benefits of pruning your trees at your Cahokia, IL, home:

1. Prevent overgrowth

Trees can become overgrown, unruly, and even block views, passageways, and structures. Removing excess branches, limbs, and other unwanted parts of your trees will keep your lawn and yard space looking organized and manicured.

2. Improves safety

Preventing overgrowth is important for the safety of yourself and others. Removing excess parts of trees reduces the chance of limbs and branches falling and hurting someone or damaging property.

3. Train and shape

Regular pruning trains your trees by restricting their size and keeping them at a specific height and width. You can clip the ends of branches or cut away branches that cross each other. Dormant pruning is better for training certain trees.

Pruning off certain parts of trees also enhances their shape and appearance. Cutting off certain parts of your trees makes space for side branches to grow, promotes shaping, and can even control the direction of growth.

4. Maintain plant health

Pruning trees improve the quality and overall health of trees and help to produce more flowers and fruits. Dormant pruning is especially known for triggering vigorous blooms.

Pollarding, and lifting, reducing, or thinning the crown of trees stimulate new growth from the crown and stem. They also promote the growth of a strong branch structure.

If you are not sure how or when to prune and need it professionally done, Merritt’s Tree Service provides expert tree pruning services for homes in Cahokia, IL, and surrounding areas.

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