Why you should be stopping tree topping in Cahokia, IL

Tree topping hazards to be aware of

The trees are lovely. They provide shade, are aesthetically pleasing, and provide homes for birds, squirrels, and other animals. However, trees can also sometimes grow too big, which causes a hazard for homes and businesses and may interfere with electrical lines. Some think that tree topping is an easy way to go about solving these problems. This practice involves reducing the crown of a tree by cutting it straight across. Large limbs, small branches – everything is gone. However, tree topping actually causes lots of damage to the tree and may not even fully solve the problems. Familiarize yourself with the following problems with tree topping services and call Merritt’s to deal with problem trees responsibly.

Fewer Leaves

The process of topping a tree removes many of the leaves from the tree. Additionally, limbs that grow back won’t grow as many leaves or grow as full. The problem here is that leaves are how the tree eats and grows strong — ever heard of photosynthesis? Well without the chlorophyll that’s stored in the leaves, the tree can’t produce nutrients, which can cause major problems for the tree.

Less Structural Stability

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While some want to have a tree topped to keep it from falling over in a storm, this may be a big mistake. When you top a tree, the branches that grow back are less stable and grow rapidly, meaning you’ll be at an even bigger risk of the tree falling over on top of you.

Stunted Growth

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Completely cutting off the top of the tree is abnormal, which leads to abnormal growth. Limbs that grow back won’t be as strong, as full of leaves, and won’t reach their full potential.

Early Death

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Are you trying to kill your tree? No, of course, you aren’t. So why do something that’s going to speed up that process? Tree topping makes it harder for the tree to make food,  and it makes the tree more susceptible to insects and disease, which could also end its life early. Don’t be that person. Don’t kill your tree!

Call Merritt’s for the most responsible and effective methods when it comes to your tree service.

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