Best tree trimming techniques for Collinsville, IL home and business owners

Here’s what you need to know about tree trimming

It is getting close to the time of year in Collinsville, IL where maintaining your trees is crucial. While pruning trees properly may be subject to certain differences by species, there are certain universal basics that you can learn to make for a more successful trimming session. Here are some tips on how to best trim your trees this season.

Know the reasons to bring out the clippers

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Before you begin cutting, you need to know the reasons why you would be clipping your branches. Most commonly, it is only for aesthetic reasons to improve the appearance of the greenery. This may be the most difficult as well; it can lead to excessive trimming that can damage the health of the tree.

Safety is another reason, such as in the case of removing damaged or broken branches that may fall off on their own and cause damage to property. The tree may also be trimmed for its own health, as a limb may have become infected with fungi or have too many branches stressing its limited water resources. The method you use for trimming should match the purpose.

Things to consider before you cut

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The old saying goes that you should measure twice and cut once, and this is a rule for tree trimming as well. In general, tree pruning should only be done during the dormant season when it is easier to tell which branches are superfluous. Care should be taken to measure the limb that is to be removed to ensure that it is less than 5cm in diameter.

In cases for safety, limbs of this larger size may need to be removed. There is also little reason to remove a healthy limb that has a wide or U-shaped angle to it. Narrower, weaker angles are more ripe for pruning.

Call a professional for help

Have you found these tips helpful or do you think that you will need help this pruning season? Merritt’s Tree Service offers a tree trimming service to residents of Collinsville, IL and our specialist tree trimmers are waiting for your call. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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