The Signs that Your Collinsville, IL Trees are Healthy


From dense deciduous trees to fluffy evergreens, nothing can bring your yard to life more than a nice and happy tree. This is why monitoring your tree’s health is crucial before it becomes too late, and you may no longer have a tree. We at Merritt’s Tree Service are here to discuss all of the signs that indicate if your tree is healthy or if it is in need of help.

How to Tell If Your Tree Is Healthy

Here are several ways that we have noticed showing that your Collinsville, IL trees are healthy and happy.

  • One Leading Stem Coming Off the Trunk

When a tree is at its peak health, it should have one leader stem. A leader stem is a strong vertical branch that comes off the top of the trunk. This branch helps keeps the tree’s solid & straight profile, as well as adding strength and stability to the tree’s structure. If there is more than one leader stem, the tree may split open which leaves it vulnerable to disease and insect infestations.

  • Strong Bark

Happy trees usually have thick bark. Unhealthy bark typically is loose or peeling, except on trees such as birches and maples. Tree trunks that are healthy typically are free of dead branches, large holes, cracks, and fungi.

  • Robust & Full Branches

A tree that is thriving should have strong branches that cannot bend or snap easily. Underneath the thin outer layer of bark, there should be vibrant and healthy green cores.  Every now and again broken and dead branches are normal, but if you find an excessive amount of them, this could be a bad sign as they make your tree attractive to disease and insects. In order to prevent infestations, we strongly suggest pruning them ASAP.

  • Healthy Leaves

Healthy leaves are a sign that your tree is doing good. Make sure to see if the leaves are the right color for the season that it currently is. This means making sure there are no crispy edges and that they shouldn’t be yellow or yellow-green during the warmer months.

  • Lots of Leaves
Tree Care

Healthier trees grow consistent and thick bundles of leaves throughout their canopy. Bald sports are not normal for trees no matter how old they are. Bare spots are signs of damage from improper pruning, pest infestation, or even lack of nutrients.

If you are unsure as to the health of your trees, give our team at Merritt’s Tree Service a call today to make sure that your trees are their healthiest.