Knowing the Difference Between Stump Removal and Stump Grinding in Belleville, Illinois

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Homes in the Belleville, IL area can sometimes deal with stump removal and stump grinding situations. After a tree has been removed, or even falls unexpectedly, the stump will always remain. Leaving a tree stump is typically uncommon, so there are different ways into getting rid of the remains. With this in mind, there are two common ways that a tree stump can be removed. From these two, what is the best way to remove the stump? The answer truly does depend on what you are working with. How big is the stump, the amount that you are willing to spend on the stump, and how long are you wanting to wait for the removal process to be done?

In this blog, you will learn about the two different types of removal our team at Merritts Tree Service thinks is best. Read about both, and their differences to decide which way you want to move when it comes to removing your tree stump.

Stump Removal

The first way to get rid of a stump is quite literally called “stump removal” This can involve three different methods. A physical tree stump removal, chemical removal, or stump decomposition. Removing a tree stump physically will include the most manual labor out of the three. Depending on the size of the stumps and their age, stump removal may involve digging and even chopping roots. You will probably need a trunk or similar type of vehicle to pull the tree stump from the ground.

Removing a stump with chemicals means either introducing chemicals or fire to the said stump. Fires are the quickest way to remove a stump, however, it is not safe by any means. It also requires the closest monitoring in order to avoid the fire from spreading.

If you decided to rely just on decomposition on its own, you will very likely be waiting quite a while. This is however the most environmentally friendly method to remove a stump, and the rotting process could even take years.

Stump Grinding

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Different from stump removal, stump grinding is a faster process, less labor-intensive, and less expensive. There is also not a large hole that is left behind, and there is no need to make any fires or use chemicals. Unlike stump removal, stump grinding removes the stump four or so inches below the soil line and then allows the subsoil to decompose on its own. Soil and wood chips then fill in the portion where the stump is above and at the soil line. This method may sound easier but does take a team to do. If you were planning on getting rid of the stump on your own, this would not be the way to go.

Whatever way you choose to get rid of your stump, call our team at Merritt’s Tree Service today for any questions you have, or help you may need!

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