How to Treat Damaged Trees in O’Fallon, Illinois

Damaged Trees

damaged tree o'fallon il

It is more common than not to have wildlife around your home. If you are someone that lives near the wilderness, you are probably around a lot of trees. This can be common even in a city like O’Fallon, Illinois. With this in mind, if you do have trees on your property, knowing about damaged trees is quite important. If you have noticed trees in your space that are experiencing damage, need to know how to take action, or need help on how to spot a damaged tree, this is the perfect blog for you. Here at Merritts Tree Service, our expert team has been able to come together to give you, the reader, a list of tips and tricks to get started on helping with your wildlife and keeping it in the best condition possible.

Different Types of Tree Damage

What many might not know when talking about damaged trees is that there are many different parts of a tree that can experience damage. Some of the common types of damage to watch for can include damaged tree bark, trunk wounds, damaged tree roots, tree limbs, or even branches being broken or altogether damaged. Damaged tree bark can be seen as one of the most common sights of tree damage. Whether a horrible storm has come through the area, or a car accident has made an impact on a certain tree, it is very important that damaged tree bark is taken seriously, the bark of a tree is the barrier for the tree against any pests and diseases.

How Do Trees Experience Tree Damage?

tree damage o'fallon il

Many different things can cause damage to trees. Contrary to popular belief, most acts of damage are not intentional. It is very important to be aware of the different ways in which trees can get damaged, so you don’t impact a tree’s health by mistake. These can be construction accidents, storms, or car crashes. These are all ways that may not be in your control, but aftercare is very important. Make sure that you are caring for the roots, follow up with certain tree care, plan the site in which your contractors will work, and take time on your tree removal process. All of these different ways are there to help care for your tree, even if accidents happen that are not in your control.

If you have noticed any of your trees that have experienced damage, our team is only a phone call away. With these different tips, we hope that you take your tree damage seriously so that it can grow and flourish just as it intended. Needed to book an appointment? Give us at Merritt’s Tree Service a call today!