Seasonal Tree Trimming Services in Columbia, Illinois

Your trees need an occasional trim from time to time, to keep their neat appearance. But when you trim your trees at the right time of the year, you could actually stimulate their growth. So, how do you know when the right time is? It depends on what type of tree you are trimming and the reason you are trimming it. A professional tree service can provide a complete schedule of tree trimming services, based on your tree’s specific problems. Check out the following tree care schedule, divided by seasons.

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Winter Tree Trimming

Since your trees aren’t growing during this season, winter is a popular time for trimming trees. When you trim your trees during the winter months, you can help to stimulate new growth for spring. While nearly all trees can be trimmed in the winter, you would be wise to wait until the most frigid weather has passed. Otherwise, you are leaving your tree vulnerable to damage from freezing temperatures.

Spring Tree Trimming

Springtime tree trimming is great for most species of trees. And it’s the perfect time to discover any problems with the branches since the leaves aren’t in the way yet. Tree trimming in the spring is a good occasion to check for any dead branches that require removal. They are easily spotted since they won’t grow any leaves or flowers during the dormant stage. Spring trimming also gives you the chance to check for trees that did not survive the winter. Your Columbia, IL tree service can take care of any tree removal and tree care your yard requires. If your trees flower in the middle to later part of summer, the best time for trimming is in the early spring. This helps produce more buds on the branches that are left.

Tree Trimming in Summer

Trees can be trimmed in the summer, but it is much harder than in early spring. Problematic branches are less visible when the leaves are covering the tree, it’s true. But summer is a perfect time to check for sagging branches that are too heavy with leaves. Trees that flower in the spring is best when trimmed in the summer. By trimming just after the spring blossoms have faded, the branches can form more buds. Among the best trees to trim in the summer are maple, birch, dogwood, elm, and walnut.

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Tree Trimming in Autumn

Trimming your trees in the fall can put your trees at greater risk of fungal infection. But, if you have limbs that could threaten your family or home, you need to have your tree service remove the danger immediately.