Tree Water Consumption in Edwardsville, IL.

Which Trees Require The Most Water in Edwardsville, IL?

Taking care of your trees is important, and that means understanding their needs and how to meet them. This is especially true when it comes to watering trees. If you’ve got any of these trees at your Edwardsville, IL, home, you need to make sure you’re watering them regularly.

River Birch

River birch trees grow naturally near creeks and in moist areas, which means they love having access to lots of water. The cool thing about the river birch is that it’s a very resilient tree, which means tree care is fairly simple aside from watering it.

Willow Oak

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The willow oak is another tree that’s known for needing a lot of water. These trees are among the most popular when it comes to landscaping because they grow fast and look great. However, you can only expect your willow oak to grow if you water it regularly.

Weeping Willow

Of all the unique trees out there, the weeping willow is one of the best. Weeping willows are the perfect way to create a calming, natural environment in your yard. Just make sure you water your weeping willow regularly if you want it to keep growing at its typically fast speed.

Black Tupelo

When it comes to water, the black tupelo goes beyond simply enjoying lots of water. Because this tree has a tap root, it’s actually able to handle a lot more water than most trees. As a matter of fact, these trees can even stand up to a little bit of flooding and standing water, making them a great option for low maintenance in moist areas.

American Sycamore

Sycamores are known for their big, broad leaves that create a beautiful display of colors during the fall. Another thing sycamores are known for is being able to handle a lot of water, which makes them a great choice if you’re looking for a tree that can stand up to a lot of moisture.

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The Simple Solution

Taking care of your trees is important, which is why it’s good to have a little tree care knowledge. However, it’s hard to be an expert beyond simple things like watering trees and trimming them. The truth is, tree care is a demanding job if you’re doing it right. If you need help taking care of the trees in your yard, you need the help of Merritt’s Tree Service.

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