How To Know When It’s Time To Remove A Tree In Belleville IL

How To Know When It’s Time For Tree Removals

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Trees on your property are kind of like old friends. They provide shade in the summer. They beautify your landscape, and they bring birds and other wildlife to your property. You may even have watched your tree grow from a sapling to a tall guardian. However, like people, trees have a limited lifespan. Removing your tree when its time has come is important to keep it from falling and damaging your home, your plantings, and any outlying buildings. Fortunately, there are a few signs to tell you when it’s time for tree removals.

Signs that it’s time to remove a tree

1. The tree shows signs of disease. A diseased tree will usually die over time and eventually fall down on its own. Sometimes, a good tree service can treat the tree and it will recover, but usually, the process will progress until the tree is dead. Common signs that your tree is diseased include brown leaves, branches that have no leaves, and weak branches that fall off.

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2. There is a fungus on the tree. Fungi and lichens are signs that a tree is unhealthy. These opportunistic plants are literally sucking the life from the tree. You might notice mushrooms at the base of the roots or green or brown moss-like plants along the trunk.

3. Your tree has invasive roots. Over time, a tree’s roots can travel as far out as the tree is tall. That can mean compromising your home’s foundation, sewer lines, and septic system. If this happens, it’s better to have the tree removed than to have it weaken your foundation or other home systems.

4. Your tree has branches that overhang your home. Lastly, you might have to consider removing an otherwise healthy tree if it has large branches that threaten your home. If a large limb could fall and damage your home and even be life-threatening, then it’s time to remove the tree. (Sometimes, you can just remove the overhanging limbs without taking down the entire tree.)

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