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The Best Time of Year to Trim A Pine Tree in Collinsville, IL

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If you have pine trees — or other trees of the pine family — on your property, you’ve probably noticed that they stay green all year ’round and they demand less maintenance than other trees. There’s an important distinction to be made, though: “Less” maintenance is not the same thing as no maintenance at all, which means when you’re planning on doing some tree trimming or other tree care in Collinsville, IL, you shouldn’t make the mistake of ignoring the pines on your property.

It may be difficult to recognize when pine trees need to be trimmed, though, and even if you do, where do you start? What limbs need to be shortened or cut? What’s the best time of year to trim a pine tree? That last question is the subject of this piece — here’s everything you need to know about when to trim a pine tree.

Do Pine Trees Need to Be Trimmed?

While pine trees may not show the signs of growth as quickly as, for example, oak trees or maple trees, any tree service expert will tell you that yes, they still need to be trimmed from time to time. Here are the top reasons why:

  • To control growth: Pine trees can grow too large for the space they’re in, meaning they need to be strategically cut back.
  • To promote health: When the dead branches of pine trees are removed, their foliage grows thicker and healthier.
  • To avoid harm: Pines, like any tree, can be susceptible to various insects and diseases. Sometimes careful pruning can save the tree.

What’s the Best Time of Year to Trim a Pine?

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The answer to this question depends greatly on the reason for trimming. While many assume that since pine trees undergo photosynthesis — keeping their leaves green — all year long, they don’t have a dormant period. They actually do have a “hibernation” period in the middle part to late winter. This is the best time to trim them for general tree care reasons, like controlling the size and cutting away dead branches. Cutting a pine tree during a time when it’s actively growing may endanger it.

When tree trimming is being done due to the influence of an insect or plant disease or fungus, however, it’s important to be handled as quickly as possible. Every second that you wait to prune the affected areas on a sick or infested tree means a lower chance that the tree will survive.

Need guidance with pine trees on your property? Call a professional Collinsville tree service today.

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