Tree Care: What Trees Require the Least Amount of Water?

Tree Care: Insights on the Trees that Require the Least Amount of Water

We are living in a time when planting trees has become a crucial part of our lives, mainly because we are part of the natural environment around the globe. One significant benefit of growing trees and tree care is the positive effect on climate change due to the substantial reduction in global warming.

It is vital to consider what the trees require to grow and blossom as part of tree care. One primary need is water. However, people living in dry areas like dry Arizona have to plant trees while checking the amount of water needed to avoid escalating water bills. In this article, Belleville IL’s own Merritt’s Tree Care group shares about the trees you can plant that require very little water.

A brief overview of our history at Merritt’s tree care service

Merritt’s Tree Service began over two decades ago. The institution’s in Belleville, IL. The team offers a local and safe choice for tree service in the metro-east area. The trained team of experts provides fast and reliable tree care services in the entire Madison and Monroe Counties. You can count on us for dangerous removal of the limb part of the tree, simple trimming as well as complete removal of trees among others. Moreover, we utilize the latest approaches, safety tools, and equipment for the optimal satisfaction of our clients.

What types of trees survive with very little water?

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Evergreen trees

Evergreen trees are typically renowned for their deep roots and excellent tolerance for little or no water. Additionally, the trees have great shade and quick growth rates a few years after being planted. They include pines, cedars, and oak trees. Another example is the cypress trees that are beneficial when blocking wind or noise from causing damage to yards or houses. The wild lilacs, Austrian black pines, and atlas cedars are other trees that flourish with a minimal amount of water.

Deciduous trees

These trees can quickly grow in drought conditions after their proper establishment. They are many types of these trees that grow bushy and tall given several years. They include the Chinese Pistache. Elm trees and saw leaf zelkova are known for their widespread and all branches. They can grow exceeding five feet on an annual basis. Desert willow trees grow tall and are broad with eye-catching trumpet flowers.

Southwest trees

These types of tree species are evolved to grow and thrive in severely drought-stricken areas throughout the year. They are native to Southern California and Arizona. Some examples of these exceptional trees are acacia trees, mesquites, and Palo Verde trees.

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