• Reasons You Shouldn’t Plant Trees too Close to Your Home or Business

    The right combination of shrubs, flowers, and trees can improve curb appeal and help transform your yard. Trees planted around homes provide shade, windbreaks, and privacy screens and make your home look cooler. However, planting trees at the wrong place, especially near buildings, be it a home or office that can bring issues that turn into costly problems. Here are reasons why you shouldn’t plant a tree close to your Edwardsville, IL home or business.

    trees falling on house edwardsville illinoisFalling Trees and Broken Branches

    Untrimmed branches and falling trees could pose a hazard, especially during the windy or the winter storm seasons. Falling branches can damage property or cause harm to people. If you have trees near your home or neighbors’ home, you may want to address that situation or else you could be held financially responsible if damage occurs.

    Drain and Sewer Problems

    Planting a tree close to the sewer or septic line can increase the risk for clogs. Additionally, having trees too close to your house may affect drainage, causing pooling of water around the structures which results in a higher risk of mold and rot. The roots can grow further through pipes leading to costly damage to your plumbing system.

    Roof Damage

    Fallen branches may also cause damage to the roof. A single branch continuously blowing in the wind and brushing on the roof can damage the shingles’ protective outer layer causing leakage. Additionally, falling leaves can clog your gutter system causing moisture damage not to mention that tree branches near roofs can easily give access to animals such as squirrels, raccoons, or rabbits to your home.

    tree roots cause foundation damage edwardsville illinoisFoundation Damage

    Trees growing too close to a house can push up a home’s foundation as they continue to get bigger. The tree roots extend under the foundation causing uneven foundation settlements that result in cracks. Foundation repairs can be complicated and expensive, so you might want to address potential issues before they become problematic.

    Planting trees are an excellent addition to your property. The full benefits will, however, be enjoyed if the placement is right. If you are concerned about trees in your compound that shouldn’t be where they are, a professional tree service in Edwardsville, IL can help you remove any trees that are posing a threat to your house. At Merritts Tree Service, we can provide guidance on trees that should be removed altogether so that you can protect your property. Schedule a tree service appointment with us today!