Low-maintenance tree species that would thrive in the Granite City, IL area

Here are the tree species you can plant in Granite City, IL

In Granite City, IL; and throughout the Metro-East area, the Spring and Summer are the busiest times for landscaping and planting due to the moderate temperatures for much of the seasons. However, just because the temperatures are moderate, doesn’t mean that you can plant anything and it will grow. This is especially true for trees that rely on a steady stream of water and nutrients from the ground to grow as large as they can. Due to this, it’s important to choose hardy tree species that are acclimated to the sometimes unpredictable nature of Midwestern weather.

crab apple tree belleville il

Crab Apple Tree

These tree species are great for growing in this area of the country, and they come in disease and insect-resistant varieties. Additionally, this tree needs full sun and well-drained, neutral-to-acidic soil to grow its best. Lastly, it grows well in inner-city and rural settings, making it a great option for wherever you call home!

dogwood tree granite city il

Dogwood Tree

This is a favorite of many, and it’s quite common throughout the Metro-East area. You’ll notice them blooming in Spring with beautiful white, pink, or violet blooms and a noticeable scent that reminds us of sunny Spring days. These trees grow between 15 and 25 feet, and they need partial shade in moist, nutrient-rich soil.

hornbeam tree granite city il

American Hornbeam

This triumphant tree species can grow up to 30 ft and is a favorite of landscapers all over. It’s incredibly hardy and can grow in a variety of conditions including part sun and shade – it will even grow as an understory tree. However, it prefers rich, moist soil and grows in zones 3 through 9.

birch tree granite city il

River Birch

This large tree species can grow up to 60 feet and is suitable for zones 4 through 9. It provides ample shade and is visually pleasing, offering a unique look that features exfoliating bark. This type of birch is less susceptible to disease and hardier for drought conditions that may happen in the Midwest.

cypress tree granite city il

Cypress Trees

These trees are adaptable to survive in a variety of conditions. They grow up to 70 ft. tall with a spread of 30 ft. to 40 ft. While it may look like an evergreen tree, it’s needles will drop in the fall. This tree is suitable for northern winters or southern summers, and it can be grown in zones 4 through 9.

hackberry trees granite city il

Hackberry Tree

A hackberry tree is a favorite of landscapers because it stands up to cold weather and violent winds. It’s native to the plans and suited to the unpredictable nature of Midwest weather. It can reach a height of 70 ft., and it grows in zones 3 through 9.

oak tree granite city il

Oak Trees

These beautiful shade trees can reach heights of 80 ft. and they’re hardy enough to handle all conditions of the Metro-East area. They can grow in zones 3 through 9, and they tolerate pollution and various soils and conditions.

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