• What is the best time of the year for tree planting in Collinsville, IL?

    May 7, 2019 | Blog
  • Here’s what you need to know about the best season for planting

    It’s May in Collinsville, IL, which means that people have already begun planting for the summer season, and they’re starting to see the fruits of their labor in budding flowers and plants. However, this season is also a favorite for planting new trees. New trees provide much-needed shade for you and your home, and they provide a habitat for woodland creatures such as birds, squirrels and more. However, when is actually the best season for planting? Is there on best season? We’ll answer these and other questions about when is the best time for planting trees. Read more information below, and don’t hesitate to contact Merritt’s with your questions!

    healthy tree planting

    Tree Needs

    Before we answer the question of what is the best time for planting, let’s briefly talk about what trees need to survive. On an essential level, trees need plenty of water and sunlight to create their own food and grow as big as they can. However, they also need optimal temperature conditions and space for their root system to grow and seek out new sources of groundwater. Without these things, it can cause stunted growth and even may cause a tree to die. Below are some details about planting in each season that you should take into account before planting any trees this year!


    spring tree planting

    Spring Planting

    Spring is one of the most popular times to plant trees due to people being most active in their yards at this time of the year. The cool temperatures allow for roots to develop while ample sunlight and rainfall make this a great time of the year to plant a tree. However, remember that warmer temperatures are coming and a heat wave could kill the tree before it begins to grow!

    summer tree planting

    Summer Planting

    While it’s totally possible to plant a tree in the summer, it gets more difficult due to the rising heat. Trees are resistant to some heat, but new trees may not be able to stand up to the high temperatures that come along with summer in the metro-East area. Due to the threat of high temperatures, it’s best not to plant in the summer.

    winter tree planting

    Winter Planting

    You shouldn’t be planting trees in the winter – it’s that simple. Don’t get us wrong – you totally can, you just can’t expect the tree to grow at all. Winter temperatures and low amounts of sunlight and moisture are not good conditions for a tree and, once again, they won’t grow if planted in the winter. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

    fall tree planting

    Fall Planting

    Just like Spring, this is one of the more popular times to plant trees. The conditions are great for it as temperatures are falling, but sunlight and rainfall remain high enough to feed the tree and allow its root system to develop, which allows it to properly go dormant when temperatures finally drop in late fall and early winter. Additionally, there’s no scorching heat to beat if you plant your tree in the fall.

    What’s the best time?

    While it’s fine to plant a tree in Spring or Fall, most professionals recommend planting new trees in the fall, if you can. The optimal temperatures and conditions will help with tree grow to its full yearly potential while saving it from the high heat that comes with summer weather!