Best tree species for surviving the winter in Edwardsville, IL

Plant these species to survive harsh Midwestern winters

If you are planting a new arbor in the tough Midwest soil of Edwardsville, IL you may wonder if the species you have chosen is hardy enough to survive the rough winters of this region. The good news is that there are many species that can not only survive but thrive in this climate. Let’s take a look at some of the toughest and most beautiful winter trees that can survive the extreme Illinois weather.

Northern Red Oak

This beautiful shade tree is one of the fastest-growing oak trees and can eventually grow to great heights exceeding 80 feet. In autumn it turns lovely shades of brown, orange, and its famous red mixture as it loses its leaves.

crab apple trees and tree removal edwardsville il

Crab Apple Tree

This tree is as tough as the persistent fruit that it produces, and it has the added virtue of occupying a very small space with its upright branches. The highlight of this tree is the spring when it blooms with brilliant white flowers and orange-red fruits.

Concolor Fir

Of all the fir trees this species may be the one most well-suited for your lawn. They are known for producing a very strong fragrance throughout the year and being an ideal roost for northern songbirds in winter.

Silver Linden

A truly resilient tree that tolerates hot summers and frigid winters alike, this deep green deciduous tree is known for its ability to repel pests and bend instead of break when faced with ice storms. Featuring lovely silver undersides to its leaves that ripple as the wind blows, it will be a lovely addition to your lawn.

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Similar to the classic American Elm tree, this is a tree that is well suited for the ravages of a midwest winter. It is extremely adaptable to changing conditions and may be as suitable for an urban area as it is for rural ones.

Are you interested in planting any of these hardy tree species? Merritt’s Tree Service offers planting and tree care services year-round to the residents of Edwardsville, IL. Contact us at for more information on how to make your yard an arboreal paradise.

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