How to prepare your trees for the winter in the Edwardsville, IL area

As the temperatures drop in autumn, your trees will naturally begin to prepare themselves to survive the winter, but as the leaves change color, there are many things that you can do to help them in this task. The tree species experts here at Merritt’s Tree Service have assembled some tips on how to help your trees prepare for the cold winter months.

Clean things up

Never underestimate the value of a little cleanup. Dead leaves and fallen branches need to be cleared away from the bases of your winter trees, as these can be an obstacle to other steps that you can take to help the trees. This is also an ideal time for pruning and trimming off dead or diseased limbs that may affect your tree’s health.

Feed the trees

Although winter months are known for being cold and wet, conditions may still cause your trees to run low on water. A little extra moistening of the ground during the autumn may trap a sufficient amount of moisture underground to last them on the dryer days of winter. This can be done at the same time as placing mulch around the base of the tree, which will provide nutrients and help with the retention of much-needed moisture throughout the root system.

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Manage the soil for healthier trees

Just like your lawn, trees can deplete the soil around them with the essential nutrients for healthy growth. Evaluate your soil and see if it would benefit from treatment with a slow-release fertilizer to maintain tree health throughout the winter. Trees suffering from nutrient deficiency are more vulnerable to fungal infections and infestations of pests that may damage the tree.

Call a Professional

As you can see, preparing trees for winter can be a lot of work and require a great deal of expertise. If you find that you need a hand getting your arbors ready to face the colder months in Edwardsville, IL, don’t hesitate to call the tree care specialists at Merritt’s Tree Service. Contact us to schedule an appointment before the snow starts to fall.

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