Best tree care practices for summer in the Maryville, IL area

Summertime is almost here, and you may have already noticed that your greenery is starting to grow out of control. As the days grow longer and warmer, it will be time for you to take on the yardwork once again. While you often have the luxury of just letting your trees be throughout the fall and winter months, this is the time of the year to take care of your trees while the weather is warm and ensure that they will remain beautiful and healthy for years to come.

Be mindful of trimming and pruning

Trimming and pruning trees require a high degree of skill, and even if you have some experience in that arena, it is important not just to start cutting. You can’t necessarily just make a quick cut because a branch happens to be in your way or out of place. Pruning, for example, is best done during colder months when the tree is dormant and has diverted its resources away from the limbs. A trained tree maintenance expert may be necessary to tell you which limbs on which trees are safe to trim in summer months (such as certain flowering trees) or what limbs are suffering from a disease that necessitates their removal.

Keep an eye out for pests

One of the biggest threats to the health of your arbors is pest infestation. Take the time to examine your trees closely for any sign that they might be infested by harmful insects such as caterpillars, aphids, moths or termites. While most insects will not be harmful or can be controlled by their natural predators, others can cause significant damage to your trees. If you see any strange insect activity that you don’t recognize or damage to your tree, seek out advice from a tree care expert.

We hope that these tips will help you take better care of your trees throughout the summer. Merritt’s Tree Service prides itself on helping its customers in the Maryville, IL area create and maintain a more beautiful landscape. Contact us at to schedule an appointment or request a quote for our professional tree care services.

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