Why hire a professional to inspect the trees at your Edwardsville, IL home or business?

Tree Inspections Keep Trees Healthy!

Tree inspections help ensure the health of the trees that provide your yard with shade. It’s easy to take trees for granted in your Edwardsville, IL home. Hiring professional tree care specialists like those at Merritt’s Tree Service can help your trees live a long time so that they can continue to be a source of inspiration and beauty.

Here are some benefits of hiring a professional for tree inspections and other tree services!

1. They have expert knowledge

Tree inspectors, or arborists, know the proper care of a wide variety of trees, including planting and maintenance. Whether you’re looking for someone to prune your trees or remove them, a professional tree expert can diagnose ailments and insect infestations and recommend a course of action.

2. They help preserve your property’s value

Their expertise helps safeguard the trees on your property and can even preserve your property value. Trees give your home curb appeal if they are well cared for. Engaging in occasional tree services adds value to your property, because trees are valued, and nobody wants to live on a barren lot with no greenery.

3. It removes any risks

When you hire someone to provide professional tree care, it saves you the time and risk of doing it on your own and possibly getting hurt. Maintenance, such as pruning branches, removing damaged trees, and removing large trees that have become a hazard, is best left to experienced technicians.

4. Arborists have the proper tools for the job

Before you get out the chainsaw and ladder, consider the fact that arborists have specialized equipment they use to do the job every day. A professional company has technicians who are familiar with the local regulations impacting property maintenance and improvement.

5. They can handle storm damage safely

If a storm overruns your neighborhood and leaves behind damaged trees, rely on professionals to deliver professional tree care, while you and your family stay safe and sound. An arborist may be able to clean up the damage without removing the entire tree, leaving you with a mature tree that can recover in a few years.

Contact Merritt’s Tree Service today for professional tree care in Edwardsville, IL. Check us out online!

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