Summer tree hazards to watch for in Belleville, IL

As spring turns into summer, there are, unfortunately, a number of tree hazards of which Belleville, IL homeowners should definitely be aware. It’s crucial that you properly identify, recognize, and address any potentially hazardous trees before they create serious problems. These are just a few that you should know about in the coming months.

Wood decay

Unfortunately, spring showers and summer storms can result in wood decay. Wood decay occurs when moist tree wood softens and subsequently begins to rot. The wood then creates an opening that allows for the entrance and invasion of fungal pathogens, thus destroying the tree.

Summer branch drop

Summer branch drop occurs when an extremely mature and senescent tree loses a limb – generally on a summer day of calm and mild weather. SBD is thought to mainly occur due to heavy rainfall following a very long dry spell. Generally, there is no other defect of a tree when it comes to summer branch drop, which is why it can be so dangerous and concerning! It most often occurs on English elm trees.


With the storms of summer come strong winds, which can affect those trees that have not yet experienced the hazards of a strong wind. Typically, it occurs where trees have been recently removed; thereby rendering the remaining trees more vulnerable to the effects of strong gusts of wind. It can also occur in trees with damaged root systems.


Deadwood occurs following a summer storm. When a strong storm kills the wood of a tree, the wood may remain precariously attached to the tree, but capable of falling at any moment. Signs of dead wood? Leafless branches amidst leafy ones and old bark which is not promptly replaced by new bark.

The harsh and unfortunate truth is that when potentially hazardous trees are ignored, serious injuries can occur – even death. Taking note of trees that may cause problems and swiftly taking preventative action against such hazards can ensure the safety of yourself, as well as your loved ones and neighbors in Belleville, IL. At Merritt’s Tree Service, we want our community to be safe and healthy. For a stress-free summer, please call Merritt’s Tree Service for all of your tree service needs.

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