What are the benefits of hiring a stump removal specialist in Collinsville, IL?

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The Need-to-Know  Facts about Stump Removal

No matter the size of your property, whether you have several square acres or a humble backyard, an unsightly stump can be a vexation you can do without. Removing a stump yourself is beyond the capabilities of even the most landscape-savvy homeowner. There are many hazards involved with stump removal that may make attempting it too risky, especially without the proper training or tools. The crew at Merritt’s Tree Service would like to tell you about some of the merits of hiring professionals to take on this tough task.

Removing a stump can hurt you and your property

The first priority when removing a stump should be the safety of the people who are removing it. Those without training in tree care may think that just digging up the stump or taking an ax to it will be sufficient. However, it won’t take too long to figure out that the circuitous and deep root system makes this a daunting task that risks your fingers and toes. Frustrated landowners have resorted to risky methods such as fire, pulling the stump up with a vehicle, or even explosives. If you are pondering these methods, it’s past time to call in the professionals.

The right tools make all the difference

Proper operation by a stump removal company depends on more than just training and experience. Stump cutting, excavation, grinding, and finally, reclamation and recovery will only be possible with the right tools. A professional service will bring everything that they need to perform the task safely, including personal protective equipment, power tools, and construction equipment or vehicles appropriate for the terrain. While you may be tempted if you have the means to purchase these items yourself the question remains: what you would do with them after the stump is gone?

Leave it to the professionals

Employing qualified professionals to remove your stubborn stump can be the most practical way to solve the problem quickly and safely while you find something better to do with your weekend. As always, Merritt’s Tree Service is available to help rid your Collinsville, IL home of these unwanted remnants of fallen trees. Contact us today for an appointment and a quote on this valuable service.

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