Mistakes to Avoid When Pruning Trees in Cahokia, IL

It is important that you upkeep your trees by scheduling trimming and pruning time in Cahokia, IL. This helps keep your trees healthy. It is, however, important to avoid using certain techniques when pruning as it can damage your tree. Here we will be discussing some of those techniques that you need to avoid.

Tree Care

Using Poor Tools

One of the first major mistakes you can make is using improper tools to trim or prune with. Be sure that the tools you are using are not jagged and they are clean of any rust. If your tools are not clean, they can damage the tree and can spread disease onto the tree. Be sure to keep your tools repaired and in dry locations.

Poor Techniques

When pruning your tree, you need to be sure you are using the proper technique to trim it. One thing homeowners will do is randomly cut branches off hoping they get a desirable look. This can cause scarring on your tree as well as a large number of water sprouts to grow. The limbs you cut need to be necessary to cut off, otherwise, you will just be damaging your tree and making it look worse.

Not Paying Attention to Detail

As stated, before you need to be meticulous when choosing which limbs to prune.  Trying to rush through will only damage your tree. Take time to consider which branches need to come off of the trees in your yard in Cahokia, IL. If you are not sure what to look for, it may not be a good idea to prune your tree on your own. It is a good idea to hire a team of professionals to help you out in that case.

Choosing Not to Prune at All


The worst thing as the owner of a tree that you can do is to choose not to prune your tree at all. Ignoring the health of your tree is something you should never do. When a tree is dying, it will often cost you more and take you more time to remove than if you just pruned your tree. Having a tree in poor health on your property may also lower the value of your home. Be sure to have your tree pruned regularly.

If you are looking for a tree pruning service in Cahokia, IL, give our reputable team over at Merritt’s Tree Service a call today!

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