How to Maintain the Health of Your Trees in Belleville, IL During the Fall

In the Belleville, IL area, it is an amazing time to marvel at the beauty of your trees. Fall time gives us the opportunity to watch as our trees go from green to orange. It is important, however, to continue to upkeep the health of your trees during the fall. Here we will be giving some tips on ways you can take care of your trees at this time of year.

Tree Health

Be Careful When Doing Yard Work

When you have construction going on in your backyard, be sure to be careful about where you choose to dig. The root system of your tree can extend the length of two or three of its branches long, giving it more range, but also increasing the chances of you damaging the roots. If you hire a tree service, they can assist you by showing you where you should avoid digging. If you also regularly upkeep your yard by mowing your lawn or weed whacking, be sure to avoid hurting your tree or its bark. Doing so makes it more venerable to diseases.

Give Your Tree an Appropriate Amount of Water

If your tree is mature enough, then you do not need to water or fertilize it as much. By overdoing these things, you can potentially damage your tree. If you use any other herbicides on your lawn, it could also cause damage to the tree.

Don’t Over Prune

It is important to remember that you should really only prune your tree when there is a dead or damaged branch on your tree. There may be times other times when you may want to prune your tree for other reasons like for aesthetics but keep it to a minimum. Too much unnecessary pruning can cause damage to your tree.

Spread Some Mulch on The Base of Your Tree

When you want to protect your tree from dangers like your lawn equipment and want to hold the moisture in the soil, spread some mulch around the base of your trees. Try placing a layer of around 1 to 4 inches of which mulch consisting of wood chips, shredded bark, leaves, or other kinds of mulch. You can find some good mulch at your local outdoor goods market.

Inspect Your Tree for Insects, Diseases, and More

Make sure to regularly check your tree for insects, mushrooms, or anything else alarming you of potential or ongoing tree damage. These are tell-tale signs that your tree’s health is not doing well. Also, be sure to check for warning signs of any kind of tree disease. If you are unsure about anything but believe your tree in Belleville, IL might be damaged, contact a tree service.

Tree Trimming

Less is More

The most important thing to remember is that trees can, for the most part, fend for themselves. There may come a time when they get a bad disease or need to be pruned, but trees can usually fight off most dangers themselves. Remember to tree your trees well this fall to keep them as healthy as can be.

If you are looking for a reputable tree service that can help you maintain the health of your tree in Belleville, IL this fall, give our knowledgeable team over at Merritt’s Tree Service a call today!

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