Fun Facts That You May Not Know About Trees in O’Fallon, IL

Trees are one of the most vital components of Earth’s ecosystem. Without trees, many creatures would have no food or shelter. Not to mention we would have less air. Not only can a healthy tree inspire you to go outside more, but it can also boost the value of your O’Fallon, IL home. We will be discussing some cool facts about trees.

How Many Tree Species Are There?

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There are thousands of different tree species all over the world. Including tree species, you may know from Oak to Birch to species like Abarema abbottii. While there are so many different species of trees, over 50 percent of all species of trees only live in one country. You won’t find an Abarema abbottii here in the United States, as it is only found in the Dominican Republic.

Healthy Trees Produce Chemicals to Stop Enemies

Trees can fend off annoying insects that eat their leaves by producing chemicals that attract predators and parasites to eliminate those insects. Trees can even communicate with other true chemical signals so they can prepare for attacks. While many won’t ever expect trees to be intelligent creatures at all, a healthy tree would never allow itself to become so helpless.

Producing Oxygen

A fully mature and healthy tree can produce enough oxygen to provide for several people at the same time. Without trees planted around cities, there would be a lot more pollution in those areas. Trees are a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to remove pollution, saving hundreds of lives and billions of dollars in the United States every year

Healthy Trees Drink Gallons of Water

Healthy and mature trees need large amounts of water every day. Many trees require thousands of gallons of water to drink daily. In areas where flooding is a common issue, trees can help with the issue. This also helps prevent property damage and erosion caused by flash floods.

More Benefits

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Having a matured and healthy tree on your O’Fallon, IL property can increase its property by an average of 10 percent. Trees located in urban areas also have been linked to lower crime rates. We as humans also have a natural attraction to nature. The chemicals released by trees called phytoncides are also linked to having positive effects on people like reducing anxiety, reducing blood pressure, and more.

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