How Do You Cut Down A Big Tree

Whether you need to clear space for a new landscaping project or need to remove a hazard, sometimes tree removal is an essential part of tree care in your Cahokia, IL, backyard. If you plan to do it yourself rather than hiring a service professional, there are some essential rules and techniques you need to know.

Safety First

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Tree removal can be a dangerous project, so safety gear is required. Always wear a logger’s helmet, safety earmuffs, safety goggles, and a face screen. Heavy-duty gloves are essential, as are Kevlar chaps designed to deflect a chainsaw blade.

Also, you need to plan the felling zone carefully. Make sure the planned landing area is clear and that there are no people or pets in the area. You should also plan two escape routes at approximately 45 degrees from each other. Clear out any debris, brush, or other trip hazards, so you have a clear path to run down if the tree falls in your direction.

Cut a Felling Notch

A felling notch is a critical part of ensuring the tree falls in the correct direction and using your chainsaw to cut it is the first step in felling it. It needs to be cut on the fall side of the tree. For example, if you want it to fall to the north, cut it on the north side of it.

The notch should be about one-fifth of the tree’s diameter deep. The angle of the top part of the cut should be about 60 degrees, and the angle of the bottom should be about 30 degrees.

Make the Felling Cut

Next, you’ll begin cutting down the tree. The exact technique varies depending on the size, but in general, you should start on the side next to the felling notch. Workaround the tree until you can fit felling wedges behind your blade, then lock your chainsaw and pound the wedges in behind the blade. Resume cutting until the tree begins to lean over, then immediately pull your chainsaw out, set the brake, and leave the area. Watch it the entire time to ensure it doesn’t fall onto you.

Some many additional risks and considerations need to be taken into account, so if you’ve never cut down a tree before, it’s a good idea to have an experienced person there to guide you. If you’d prefer to leave it to the experts, give Merritt’s Tree Service a call today.