Troy, IL Tree Trimming: The right and wrong ways to trim a tree

Here’s what you need to know about tree trimming

Many of us love the trees in our yard. They provide shade for us and our home from the sun while offering increased appeal for your yard and home. However, what happens when these trees grow too big? What can you do? Luckily, it’s possible to control the growth of your trees with simple tree trimming techniques, but you must make sure that you’re using the best practices possible to ensure the health and continued growth of your trees. With that in mind, read below about tree trimming best practices that you can use on the trees on your property!

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When to trim trees

When it comes to trimming trees, it’s important to do this at the proper time of the year, so as not to impede the growth or health of the tree. However, when exactly you should be doing this isn’t always so cut and dry. The time of the year to trim your trees depends on the type of tree and on that specific species. However, as a general rule, it’s best not to trim your trees right before the spring growing season. The end of the summer or in the fall is the best time to trim your tree and allow it o recover for the spring.

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How to trim trees

  • Cleaning – This is the removal of dead or dying branches that are weekly attached or impeded the growth of other branches.
  • Thinning – This is selective pruning to remove branches that may be harming the tree’s ability to utilize light from the sun. or that may be blocking the rest of the tree from the moisture it needs to grow.
  • Raising – Removes the lower branches from the tree to provide clearance for things underneath the tree.
  • Reduction – This reduces the overall size of the tree and is usually utilized to clear the way for utility lines and other tall objects or buildings.
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Should I top my trees?

You should not top your trees. This is a harmful practice that indiscriminately reduces the size of the crown of the tree. In fact, it can harm the growth patterns of the branches, making the regrowth unstable and more likely to break due to damage from the elements.

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Benefits of calling a professional tree service

When you call a local tree care professional, they’ll know just what kind of service you need to accomplish your goals. From getting tree branches away from utility lines to complete removal, it’s the safest way to take care of tree problems!

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