Columbia, IL Tree Removal: Where does the tree go when it’s cut down?

Here’s what happens to felled trees

When it comes to your property, it’s not abnormal to need a tree cut down, especially if you live on acres of land. But, what happens after you cut the tree down or have the tree cut down for you? Where does the wood go? What should you do with it? Typically, a tree removal company will turn the felled trees into wood chips that can then be sold to landscapers and other professionals. However, they don’t have to take the trees, and most companies let you keep your wood chips If you want them. With that in mind here are some other things that you can do with your trees after they’re cut down.

What To Do With Them

wood chips columbia il

Wood Chips

Wood chips are a great, sustainable landscaping material. Like we said before, most companies chip the wood and haul it away, but you should be able to retain some of those wood chips for landscaping projects. Popular projects for wood chips include mulching flower beds, mulch rings for trees, walking paths, and more.

fire wood columbia il


Another option that you have is to cut it up for firewood to warm your home in the winter, have a bonfire and more. Start by using a chainsaw to cut up the tree into smaller pieces and use an ax to split them and help them dry out. After you’re done, stack and cover the top of the woodpile to prevent moisture and allow airflow.

brush piles columbia il

Brush Piles

Brush piles are great for woodland creatures – they provide a place for squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, snakes, and others creatures to make their homes. By building a brush pile on your property, you’re contributing to a vibrant habitat for all sorts of creatures in your backyard. This method is not recommended for suburban or urban settings.

wood craft columbia il

Arts & Crafts

If you’ve got leftover wood after all of this, and you’re looking for uses, you can always get artsy with it. Hop on Pinterest to research ideas for your felled trees. Popular ideas include refrigerator magnets, bookcases, birdhouses, end tables, and more. Click here to see other ideas.

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