How to spot tree diseases at your Cahokia, IL property

It is easy to see trees as eternal things, as they have such long lives and have a good chance of outliving you. However, like all organisms, your trees are constantly fighting a battle against diseases, molds, mosses, fungi, and pests to maintain their health and vigor. While tree diseases may be difficult to diagnose if you are not an expert, there are some things that you can look out for in order to know when your tree may be in danger of falling ill from an arboreal disease.

Be on the lookout for unusual growths

There are many fungal infections that attach themselves to the trunks of trees that are relatively benign and not cause for concern, but some are extremely parasitic and infectious. In general, if the growth is affecting the bark around it in a negative way (such as changing its coloration or making it weaker then this can be a big red flag that the tree is suffering from a disease.

Pay close attention to the leaves and needles

Leaf rust or blight is a term for a disease that is a fungal infection that attacks the tree at its vital point of sunlight collection. Leaves may seem discolored and mottled or have the appearance of changing for autumn in the middle of summer. Perennial trees and evergreen trees alike may have variations of this disease that can be extremely harmful to the health of the tree.

Pay attention to the pests

Tree diseases may be difficult to see on the outside, as they may dwell underneath the bark or in higher branches, but one indicator that can help you diagnose a problem is the presence of pests that were not there previously. Termites are an example of pests that typically only attack wood that is dead, dying, or already in trouble. However, there are many pests that will try to make a home of a tree that is struggling with a disease.

Do you suspect that your tree may have an arboreal disease? Give us a call at Merritt’s Tree Service serving Cahokia, IL, or schedule a consultation at to get an opinion from one of our arborists. Our services include tree removal, tree trimming, and professional tree care.

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