How Tree Roots Can Damage Your Troy, IL Home

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Trees bring beauty, shade, and a sense of tranquility to our outdoor spaces in Troy, IL, but beneath their majestic canopy lies a potential threat to the structural integrity of our homes: their roots. While roots play a vital role in anchoring trees and absorbing nutrients, they can also wreak havoc on underground infrastructure, including foundations, pipes, and sidewalks. Understanding how tree roots can damage your home is the first step in mitigating this risk and preserving both your trees and your property.

Foundation Fractures

One of the most common ways tree roots can damage your home is by infiltrating and compromising its foundation. As tree roots seek out sources of moisture, they may encounter small cracks or gaps in the foundation, exploiting them to gain access to water. Over time, this infiltration can lead to the widening of existing cracks and the formation of new ones, jeopardizing the structural stability of the entire building.

Plumbing Predicaments

Underground plumbing systems are not immune to the invasive tendencies of tree roots. As roots grow and expand, they can infiltrate pipes through small openings or joints, causing blockages, leaks, and even complete pipe ruptures. Left unchecked, this intrusion can result in costly repairs and water damage to your home’s interior.

Sidewalk Sabotage

Tree roots are relentless in their pursuit of moisture and nutrients, often extending far beyond the canopy of the tree. As they grow, they can exert significant pressure on nearby sidewalks, driveways, and patios, causing them to crack, buckle, or heave. Not only does this detract from the aesthetic appeal of your property, but it also poses a tripping hazard to pedestrians.

Septic System Struggles

If your home relies on a septic system for wastewater treatment, tree roots can pose a serious threat to its functionality. Roots may infiltrate and obstruct the pipes leading to the septic tank, impeding the flow of wastewater, and causing backups or overflows. Addressing root intrusion in septic systems requires professional intervention and may necessitate costly repairs or replacements.

Soil Subsidence

In addition to physical damage, tree roots can also contribute to soil subsidence around your home. As roots absorb moisture from the soil, they can shrink and compact, leading to sinking or settling of the ground surface. This uneven settling can result in structural imbalances, foundation shifts, and damage to exterior features such as patios or retaining walls.

Risk of Tree Tipping

In extreme cases, the growth of tree roots near a home’s foundation can destabilize the soil, increasing the risk of tree tipping or uprooting during severe weather events. A falling tree can cause extensive damage to the home itself, as well as posing a significant safety hazard to occupants and neighboring properties.

Mitigating the risk of tree root damage to your home requires a proactive approach to tree care and maintenance. Here are some strategies to minimize the impact of tree roots on your property in Troy, IL

Choose Wisely

When selecting trees for your landscape, opt for species with non-invasive root systems and consider their mature size and proximity to structures.

Maintain Distance

Plant trees a safe distance away from your home’s foundation, utilities, and hardscape features to minimize the risk of root intrusion.

Provide Proper Care

Ensure trees receive adequate water, nutrients, and pruning to encourage healthy root development and reduce the likelihood of invasive growth.

Install Root Barriers

In areas where space is limited or root intrusion is a concern, consider installing root barriers to redirect or restrict root growth away from vulnerable structures.

Regular Inspections

Conduct routine inspections of your property for signs of root damage, such as foundation cracks, plumbing issues, or tree instability, and address any issues promptly.

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Professional Assistance

Consult with certified arborists or tree care professionals for expert guidance on tree management strategies and proactive measures to protect your home from root-related damage.

Tree roots can damage your home. Call Merritt’s Tree Service today to see out services to protect your home in Troy, IL.