How Often Do You Have to Water Your New Tree in O’Fallon, Illinois?

How Often Do You Have to Water Your New Tree?

So, you’ve had a new tree planted on your lawn, and you want to know how to care for it the right way. One of the things that concern you the most is when you ask yourself how often you should water your new tree. If you’re not sure that you heard the certified arborist who assisted you correctly, it’s time to take control of the situation. The wrong amount of water could harm the tree.

Things to Think About When It Comes to Caring for Your New Tree

Until a tree has developed a significant root ball, it needs extra attention. Too little water causes it to die, and too much water can prevent it from reaching an ideal size. Asking yourself some questions helps familiarize you with the best watering trees schedule and amount of water for your tree.

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Here are some things to think about when watering your new tree on your O’Fallon, Illinois property:

  • Did the arborist water the soil before, during, and after the planting of the tree? It’s crucial to follow these steps as a new tree is first starting to grow.
  • How hot is it outdoors where you live currently? Watering in the evening is the best idea because the heat of the day causes water to evaporate quickly.
  • How close together are the other trees in the yard compared to the new tree? It will likely compete for water, so you may need to give it extra for it to survive.

The ideal schedule for the first week is to water the tree daily. When the second week arrives, watering twice a week is sufficient. It gives the tree time to adapt to its environment. You should also note that the larger the tree, the more water it requires for survival.

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Now, you’re well aware of what it takes to create an ideal watering schedule for your tree. You won’t risk killing it off by not giving it enough water. You’ll also prevent the tree from not growing by overwatering it.

We Go Out on a Limb for You

Merritt’s Tree Service is your go-to source for all things tree care-related. If you want to know more about the services we provide for our customers or have a question about the watering schedule of your new tree, let us know. We’re more than happy to assist you with your inquiry. Call 618-332-9661 right away for more information about tree care. O’Fallon, IL residents recommend us because of the high-quality services we provide day and night. By the time you’ve worked with us, you’ll have more knowledge about the trees that you’ve planted.

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